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illFact is a privacy-focused social media platform

illFact allows users to connect with friends, share photos, articles, recommendations, and has a number of other features. Any activity by a user on the platform can only be viewed by their friends thus ensuring bullet-proof privacy. The platform also has a reward program wherein users are rewarded in 'Illfact Coins' for sharing original content. These coins would be redeemable against expert advice services or for products available on the Illfact marketplace in the future.



The three key parameters we focused on were for the platform to be fast, secure, and scaleable. The loading time should be fast, the data transferred should be secure and the platform must be able to onboard thousands of customers when the time comes.




Rtecho Team, the creators of the Illfact platform had an overview of their platform's working and the features they wanted. We spend a day understanding their product thoroughly, but the most important thing we wanted to know was the motivation behind creating such a platform. This would have allowed us to create a product that fulfilled their objectives and expectations. After gaining a thorough understanding, we began planning on how we would go about designing and building their platform. The Rtecho Team was very active in providing feedback, which resulted in the project getting accomplished within weeks.




Illfact was built using a modern architecture and tools such as MongoDB, Express JS, NodeJS, and ReactJS stack. Our team built a simple, elegant, and user-friendly UI and UX.



Illfact is now a fast and highly-secured social media platform committed to fostering a safe and supportive community. Users can freely express themselves without worrying about privacy. Only people they want can see their posts and updates. With a rewards program in place, users earn coins for sharing original content which will be redeemable against products and services on the Illfact marketplace with an upcoming update.



Client’s feedback

Outstanding turnaround and Fast Delivery.

All the milestones are delivered ahead of time, and we appreciate that you are time-oriented, dedicated, and pay attention to details. Great experience working with you, and I will have a lot more work in the near future! I highly recommend Sumit to anyone who wants a perfect website for their business or seeking App / Platform development.

Fawaz Ateem

CEO Illfact

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